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Finland is found in the Northern Europe. In terms of the surface area, it is ranked as the eighth largest country in the whole of Europe. Finland borders four other countries. Sweden is in the west, Russia to the east, Estonia in the south and borders Norway to the north. It has got two main languages. Finnish is the most dominant language and is spoken by almost everybody in the country. The other language is common along it borders with Sweden and is the Swedish language. Only about six percent of the five and a half million people in Finland speak Swedish. Most of these people also speak a lot of Finnish. The capital city of Finland is Helsinki. Close to one and a half million people live in the suburbs of the city. The rest of the population is in the south region, and only a small percentage is distributed in the other regions. Finland was left behind in development and had most of its people practicing agriculture even after the Second World War. They later on changed and got involved in manufacturing and this led to many people moving to cities for employment in the developing companies.

The Finnish culture and society

The culture of Finland is that people are equal regardless of their sex. This is the main reason their language does not use gender pronouns. They mostly use neutral words for all gender. They also believe that there should be a right way to handle situations. Any circumstance has a way out and this makes them be modest all the time and have a courteous behavior. To them being humble, is a virtue and should be upheld. While talking, it is not good to speak in an attention seeking manner. Their culture advocates and supports the need for a serial conversation. People give each other time to talk and do not have unnecessary interruptions. The Finnish culture dictates the need for greetings. Their way of greeting is same and u should look person direct into the eye and call out their surname with a firm handshake.

Business Etiquette

Finnish people have so much respect for the enterprises. Relationships are not dragged into business. They keep things formal and most of their businesses are transactional. It is not necessary that two parties meet but can transact through mail or phone calls. Relationships are allowed but should be built outside job. They have good stylish hotels where two business partners can meet to bond and form relationships. Meetings are timely and should not be scheduled during the holiday months.

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