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Great narrative essay topics for high school

This list covers some general topics that can provide great inspiration for a high school narrative essay. Even if none of these fits the bill precisely, brainstorming about these topics might just inspire you to think of another one that will work!

  • Your scariest experience
  • Scary experiences are a great narrative essay topic because they can be very unique. What frightens one person might not frighten another, so there’s ample opportunity to set up enough background and ambience and to develop your voice as a narrator to express why you were afraid.

  • Your first day of kindergarten or elementary school
  • This is a wonderful topic to write about for a high school narrative essay, because you’re now old enough to write in a fluent, interesting way, but your memories of those times are much fresher now than they will be as the years pass.

  • An embarrassing childhood experience
  • Again, childhood topics are ideal because you have a unique perspective on them at this point in your life. Embarrassing experiences are great for narrative essays for much the same reason that frightening experiences make for good narrative essays: background and development.

  • A funny or interesting event at a funeral, wedding, or other family event
  • These types of narrative essays are often fun to write because you have the opportunity to develop a cast of different characters who were involved.

  • The first time you traveled somewhere different from your hometown, geographically.
  • First time experiences are always an excellent choice for narrative essays, and these types of topics are no exception. Writing about a unique experience in your life that others may never have seen from the same perspective will make your essay fun and interesting to read. For example, you might write about the first time you experienced snow, saw a skyscraper, or saw the ocean.

  • Your personal experience of a historical event
  • These topics are about not only the event itself, which doubtless has been written about plenty, but about your personal perspective, who you were at that point in your life, and how the event has shaped you as a person. For example, you might write about your feelings and experiences the day of September 11th, or on the day an important historical figure died.

  • Our greatest failure.
  • While success stories can seem more upbeat, writing about a failure and how you improved as a result of it can be a wonderful essay and a great experience in and of itself.

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