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Recruiting And Labor MarketsĀ 

If you want to hire local employees, one of the best ways to do that is to use classified ads. Classified ads are a much less expensive part of your recruitment strategy that can help you find new employees for open positions fast and efficiently. Classified ads can be placed on a handful of great websites, all of which can be then posted based on location. Geographic classifieds will target your local area and find results from people who are near your office.

But which websites are best for placing classified ads and finding new employees locally? Monster.com is one of the best for finding hungry job seekers. It is a well established site that attracts a great deal of job seekers. It is often the first place they will turn for professional help polishing their resume and finding local advertisements for jobs. Monster.com was founded back in 1994 and since then has become a global employment resource. Not only does the website provide pages of recruiting advice, career management advice, but it also provides pages of employment searches. The cost of posting a job ad here is contingent upon the location but often ranges between two hundred and four hundred dollars.

Another website you can use is SimplyHired.com. This website is well branded and has been talked about on CNN Money, The Washington Post, and Business Insider. You can post your company ad here and get fast responses from interested parties in the local area. The website has over 17 million candidates looking for jobs and works with 25,000 partner websites.

Other websites that are highly recommended for finding employees locally include Yahoo! Hot Jobs where people are starting to look for jobs more and more frequently. You can post on Jobster and on Craigslist too. These all allow you to hide the company contact information and direct inquiries to a private email address for fielding by your HR department. Craigslist is no longer a site meant just for finding an old couch and a dog. It is now a go-to resource for employment. All major cities are now using the website for employee recruitment. The site is free to post in some areas, but others cost between $25 and $75 per post. This is nominal compared to the cost of a traditional recruitment strategy. Other sites that are great for finding employees locally online include LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, and Beyond.

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