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Pearl Harbor

The morning of 7th December 1941 will never be forgotten in the history of the United States. In the early morning at around eight, the Japanese made a surprise attack on the America Navy base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attack was in two waves and only lasted for less than two hours. The damaged caused was however devastating. Around two thousand people, both soldiers and sailors died in the attack. Further, one thousand people were injured. America also lost most of their war vessels in that base. The Japanese destroyed two hundred airplanes and twenty naval vessels. America had not experienced such an attack in the past and it was a great surprise to them.

The Road to World War Two

Japan had declared war on China since the year 1937. They, however, had not managed to capture China’s imports market that they believed would cripple China. In response to this brutal and belligerent attitude of Japan, America imposed trade band and economic sanctions on Japan. Their relationship had thus been tense long before the attack. In the attack, Japan thought that they would weaken America’s spirit of preventing attacks on China by Japan. After the attack, the then US President Franklin made a call to the Congress to declare war against Japan. The Congress through a vote agreed unanimously to going to war with Japan. This was the long-awaited move by Japan allies. Three days after the Congress decision, Italy and Germany who were Japans greatest allies declared war against America. America had tried to avoid war for the past three years, but it was now in the middle of it. This marked the beginning of the World War Two.

A wake-up call to the United States

After the attack, America saw that they needed to be alert to avoid such future attacks. President Franklin was the first to express the determination of his Government to make sure that such attacks will not hit their country again. He echoed the will and determination of both the Congress and the people who believed in absolute victory in the war and against the Japanese. Theirs was not just a call to war but to protecting their nation and others that that were vulnerable. Americans agreed in unison to go to war. It was the first time such an agreement was made in America. Their determination led to them invading and taking over Japans territory. It was the first time Japan was occupied by a foreign power.

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