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The History of Business Studies

Before 1927, business studies were taught in early institution but there was no official record of it evolution. Nevertheless, Professor Gras started a business history program that aimed at tracing the chronologic development of history from small-scale learning to the current institutions. He was an editor of the Bulletin of the Business Historical Society since the year 1926-1953, which was later transformed in the year 1953 to the modern Business History review. During this period, business was learnt through the application of theories that were simple and specific to a certain situation or discipline. The major factor that contributed to the narrow nature of the early business was the motive of study. Individuals studied the field with the sole need to thrive in their specified business and not to develop the concepts largely employed.

The most advanced models of business were developed in the 20th century by a number of scholars who were not interested by the hand-on applications of the model but rather with the ownership of the intellectual property. These scholars include Alfred D Chandler who was a professor of business foe sixty years. He is remembered for his legendary contribution to the growth of the models, which promoted the expansion of business empires, easy management, application of business models, strategies and models. He also created an avenue for more complex development of the earlier models.

Business major developed in the late half of the 20th century from the then known business disciplines, which were the common among the global universities. Initially all business management courses were taught in the same basics where all students acquired the same skills which they employed to make business decisions alongside multiple fields. The knowledge acquired from these fields was sufficient and there was no necessity to specialize the discipline to meet specific requirement. However, with time business field became more and more diversified with and the need for more specific field of business studies was evident. Following this need the institutions curriculum was inverted from the commonly used study methods to ones that are more recent. For instance, individuals gradually stopped studying to go and look for jobs but studied a specific course, which they had a job vacancy in mind. Similarly, individuals who had personal businesses became more and conscious of the need to take some business courses to enable them manage their businesses effectively. Therefore, the institutions found the need to accommodate the specialization of the courses so that they could accommodate the specific needs of the already established entrepreneurs.

The needs called for divisions of the units offered; it was irrelevant for an individual who run retail business to study the whole business course, which included stick exchange, banking and global economy. This led to a rapid division of the bigger discipline to form other specialized disciplined like business management, Business in banking, Commerce, Finance etc. However, these divisions did not solve the need of diversified interests as some individuals still wanted to apply the earlier model of learning where education determined the career. For these reason the institutions did not abolish the main discipline of business but allowed the individual with interest of diversity in business to join in and pursue their course.

Despite the split of the discipline to several courses that divisions are widely growing and developing new models that were not included in the main business studies during the division. The academies that pursue the specific field in business are business minor academies while the scholars who pursue the general business are the business minor. Business field is a wide field with more than fifteen minor courses that are rapidly growing. Therefore, the business major discipline only gives the academia is the basic of the business without necessarily going into details; the students are expected to pursue their specific area of interest after they have familiarized with the general business studies.


Business studies remain the most studies field in globe with more than 43% of the world scholars. The main reason for the high subscription is attributed to the possibility of innovation and inventions unlike other natural sciences whose inventions are limited and strictly follow positivism. Similarly, the high subscription is as result of the nature of the study, which creates a central hub for all other disciplines. It is only through business major that a scholar is all-round armed in bringing together the diversified resources for a common benefit to the stakeholders. It is vital to recognize that there would not have been any relationship between other professional field like medicine and engineering without the concepts of business and entrepreneur.

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