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Somalia Pirates

People are known to dislike Somalia pirates. Even though they are known to take things that do not belong to them, they tend to see themselves still doing a form of good. They are known to bring in large sums of money through piracy, as much as millions of dollars each year. The idea of taking something from someone that is not yours is wrong. You would think they should be punished. But, research has shown that such pirates are actually getting away with stealing and committing such illegal acts because most government bodies around the world have no laws enforced when it comes to crimes committed in the ocean.

Parts of Africa may not have an effective judicial system to prosecute or convict someone of piracy. There has been talk and controversy over what steps could be taken against Somalia pirates. There is the question of understanding how to convict them and what crime is actually being committed. These pirates rarely commit murders but people really don’t know this to be fact. They are still considered dangerous individuals since they engage in tactics they think is necessary to obtain valuables illegally..

One element that makes such pirates dangerous is their ability to take over another ship. There are navy ships from other countries that learn about the pirates when they take control of another ship. The pirates use dangerous weapons to gain control and hold people hostage. But, navy ships are not often able to help those being held captive in fear of getting an innocent person injured or killed. The Somalia pirates have been blamed for a number of deaths upon hijacking over 40 ships in recent years. They have even engaged in gun battle with other ships. Besides hijacking ships they are known to be friends with a number of international spies..

There are thousands of Somalia pirates and researchers believe they are doing their country of Somalia no good. There are people there starving and in need of food and supplies. The pirates make it challenging for other nations to send ships to help the needy. Some countries have to send a ship with a warship as an escort when shipping supplies. This method is costly for various counties and it is possible millions of Somalians will die from starvation due to the pirates and their greedy actions. .

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