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Social Media

Conventionally, communication has been conducted through telephones, letters and different means of transport. But today with the development of technology and internet, a lot of change has happened. So many people are so much into social media doing all sorts of communication. Well, that is not all that the social media has to offer. There are a lot of activities that have been taken place in this 21st century through the advent of social media platforms. Their use and applicability has been spreading like bush fire. For quick information about a news story, the best-selling car and such important information as desired, social media has facilitated the provision of such in real-time.

Technology has immensely grown and one of its trending facets is the social media. A lot of changes have happened over the last decade through technology enabled social media sites. Some of the most common social sites include Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn among others. Today, people can easily access all sorts of information in a mere click of a button from their desks. There are a lot benefits that have come up with technology and the social media sites. Currently, all sorts of marketing are done on these platforms. Initially they started out as just mere social areas where people could only talk and have fun. However, a lot of businesses have found their way to boost their existence on such platforms. The power of social media sites today cannot be over-emphasized. A lot of dynamism has been experienced and the whole world has turned to it for a solution in different spheres. Influential people, leaders and governments have all embarked on this important development to make an impact in the word.

Despite producing such tremendous changes, the social media has also had its downside of it. Very many unfortunate incidents today have emanated from the social media platforms. Issues of terror activities and attacks have easily been spread through these online sites. The passing of any kind of information has been quickened through the platforms – whether good or bad. Therefore, it has made some ill-mechanisms very effective in the execution of their activities. Social media is therefore a very useful yet dangerous tool founded on technology and has over the years been widely used from all parts of the world. While people can now share information from different parts of the world in real time, there are risks of impersonation that could lead to dangerous activities.

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