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Cloud Computing

It is the new world order that has been the talk of almost every conference, seminar, analysts and policy makers for over decades, ever since the break of Soviet Union. Many believe it to be a conspiracy theory. But that notion of it being a “conspiracy” theory is considered obsolete with the emergence of new media. The world is rapidly progressing towards technology. The advancement is spectacular and nerve racking at the same time. Keeping aside the political and social elements of the new world order one can say that the new world order when seen from a technological perspective goes hand in hand with the emergence of new media. Most importantly Cloud computing than being an extension of the whole phenomena of new media is understandable.

Cloud computing provides you with internet based services that excel in storage and easy access of data. You are than able to share this data effectively with everyone around the globe. It greatly helps business to interconnect and unify in their dealings and the public to have a hub for media storing and sharing.

Everything is mobile these days. You have access to the whole world just a click away. Globalization has made the communication around the globe easier and much faster. Similarly cloud computing itself is a huge example of the new media. Everything has to be coded in today’s age. It is no longer the time where we have to rely on functioning of print and conventional forms of media consumption that previously had a great disadvantage to itself- the loss of data.

Today you no longer require a memory card to store your data, images, documents etc. All you require is to have access to applications that store your data for you, for example Drop box, Google drive etc. Their main advantage being that it is all online. You don’t have to carry an external chip to keep your data safe and stored. Also the amount to store data in these applications is unlimited. There is no question of how many gigabytes or megabyte there is. You are freed from that burden.

It should also be brought under consideration that as the internet takes over the world, competition among media outlets grow as well. Which entails that there would be a lack of free consumption of services. The consumers will be asked to pay a premium rate for the services they are consuming. Something that has already being practiced and will continue to do so on a larger scale with the digital switchover already made.

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