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How to write a 5 page essay in a few hours

Procrastination: one of the main obstacles in writing a good essay.

One of the main problems all students are constantly facing is how to make yourself stop walking around, surfing the net or watching TV and finally start studying. Procrastination, leaving everything for later and thinking you still have a lot of time to do your homework usually lead to a big stress, when you realize that there are only few hours left till your due time and you have not even started working yet. You panic, consider yourself doomed and failed and start nervously writing or decide not to do anything at all. The best way out of such situations is not to get in such situations. Plan your work, start as early as possible, don’t let yourself get scared of an assignment and you will never have such problems again. Even if you have already found yourself in a situation like this, don’t relax, you still have a possibility to pass!

Pull yourself together: working hard and fast is now the key!

At this stage you need to realize that you no longer have time for leaving it for later. You cannot let yourself any other minute of free time, as every minute is valuable. Gather your thoughts and start right away. Follw this steps, they will help you not to lose any more time:

  • Gather all the data and quotes you are going to use. It may take you some time, but it is absolutely necessary as it will determine the flow of your paper and save you a lot of time when you will be writing.
  • Refresh the main ideas. Try to keep in mind everything you want to write about or write it down on the small pieces of paper or sticky notes. It will help you to concentrate and keep your mind on your writing.
  • Start combining all of the pieces. Start with the parts that are much easier for you to write or you know a lot about. Don’t let yourself get stuck on one sentence and lose your precious time. Leave some gaps, you can fill them in later.
  • Go to sleep. Wake up a couple hours before the due time and take some time to revise the paper. You always need to look at it with the fresh set of the eyes to find and eliminate the mistakes you made.

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