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Enacting Bullying Reform


Bullying defined as the action of using one’s superior strength towards influencing or intimidating a person so as to force them to do what they desire. Enacting bullying reform involves the formulation of legislation to help in lowering and eliminating bullying. Such legislation can be national and tends to target the school or workplace environment.

Regarding the enacting of bullying reforms, the state of such action is progressing though at an unsatisfactory pace. Although currently no Federal laws exist to tackle bullying, in certain instances, it overlaps to discriminatory-based harassment on the premise of race, sex, age, disability and religion.

Enacting bully reform

With the overlapping of bullying and harassment, we present with an obligation to address this form of harassment. Without adequate resolution, bodies such as the U.S Department of Justice and Civil Rights division can be of assistance. At present, the federal legislation that can apply to bullying takes the form of the U.S Department of Education and U.S Depart of Justice civil rights laws. So to report as bullying, an incident needs to fit the measure as required by this legislation.

Such entails when the abuse or discrimination is severe or persistent. It manifests in creating a hostile environment for example in a school. This is sufficiently grave interfering the capabilities of a student, for instance, to participate or be able to gain from services, activities or opportunities availed at school. Another measure that fits bullying when based on one’s race, religion, disability and sex.

In addition, the U.S Department of Justice holds jurisdiction in regard to religion according to the act. Does it bring us to the question, which civil rights laws enforced by the U.S Department of Education and U.S Depart of Justice? Such enforcement can be, for example, when a school fails to respond to harassment of students, the school violates civil rights laws. Some of these laws include the 1964 Civil Rights Act under Title IV and VI, the 1972 Education Amendments Title IX Act, the 1973 Rehabilitation Act under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act under Titles II and III.


The overall objective of enacting reform aims at resolving conflicts in the community which create rising tensions among different races, gender identities, sexual orientation religion and disability. In this sense, the reform aims to act as a form of mediation, technical assistance and conciliation to the community and affected parties.

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