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USF Green Movement

“Going green has lowered pollution levels and slowed down the rate of environmental degradation. USF and its environs are one of the key beneficiaries of adopting the green movement. Thus, this movement should be incorporated in every learning institution.”

The green movement has slowly evolved from a global non-governmental initiative to a daily human practice. People, have become more certain of the benefits of going green and have openly adopted the movement as well as assimilated it into their day to day activities. Companies and organizations have taken on the initiative that has seen reduced costs in office supplies among other operational costs. The green movement has also created a platform for organizations to win the hearts of the public by participating through corporate social responsibility. Similarly, the University of South Florida has adopted the movement with an aim of carving out towards the global change.

The University of South Florida has been trying to make sustainability its highest priority. In the spirit of going ‘green', the University has made grueling efforts to reduce their carbon footprints at the same time consuming fewer resources over time. The university has been trying to reduce its carbon footprints by recycling, adopting new methods to reduce carbon emission, involving the student body and the surrounding community.

The campus began its quest to go green in 1995. The university then, developed the first team that worked out a plan to make this goal a reality. The university has managed to include these plans into their USF Tampa Campus Chief Plan and its continuing updates since 1995. The University then launched its sustainability Initiative in January of 2007. They then created a program referred to as the Office of Sustainability to deal with waste reduction, recycling and reusing materials.

Specifically, the university has planted approximately two thousand trees in the last ten years. In regards to transportation, the University has increased the number of on-campus residence halls, employed an unrestricted off campus shuttle and advocated a free regional transit use for students.

In conclusion, it is a fact the University of South Florida is geared towards creating a better environment to work, live and learn. It is obvious that the green movement is not a wave within USF, but a culture that is slowly being natured purposely to thrive and pass on from generation to generation. Evidently, the University holds highly and dearly the green movement and makes decisions based on this noble course. For many going green is a cliché. However, everyone has the chance to make a change and make the world a better place.

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