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Internet, Nature and Its History

The internet is much more than just a vast amount of webpages. Also known as the World Wide Web, the internet has a unique history with a high level of complexity that continues to be researched and studied. The nature of the internet includes transferring data through special communication channels and software concepts. When you have access to the internet you can share all sorts of information from pictures, music, videos, and more. These actions are necessary through basic understanding of how the internet functions including its technical language and related protocols.

The internet is accessed through telephone lines and special routers. The information is configured into data language that allows details to be transmitted through wire transfer. This is how web traffic is transmitted but through a vast amount of lines. In most cases internet can still be available in different areas if one or more lines are down or stop working. The analogy is similar to driving on the expressway. You are traveling at a fast speed while changing lanes to get to where you need to go. If a lane is closed you are detoured to another lane. Data traffic related to the internet works in similar fashion. This concept also affects how fast internet speeds travel.

There are different lines that provide internet data information. Some provide local support, also referred to as secondary lines. These lines help your internet connect to national lines or points. Going back to the expressway example, when you want to travel across the country you use certain roads to help you get to your main point. The internet travels on lines that do the same thing. This is how you access sites that are local and abroad. An internet service provider has the lines you use to connect to the World Wide Web.

Your computer is your vehicle that allows you to travel through these lines. Your computer address, also known as your IP address (internet protocol) distinguishes your computers from others like a personal router. When you click on a link or want to visit a site, your browser sends a message that requests the content to appear on the screen. Routers help your computer address find the content you want through data packets. The internet history dates back to the 1960s based on communication project designs that were funded with the assistance of the United States Department of Defense.

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