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Native American Alcohol Abuse

Native Americans have a big issue with alcohol use. A large number of deaths have occurred over the years related to alcohol use including organ failure, homicides, abuse and binge drinking. Many Native Americans have drinking problems that run in their family. Researchers have learned they may not have a special protective gene that could help them control their drinking habits. A number of genetic tests have been conducted to learn more about their drink patterns and why it is such a big problem for their people.

Alcohol abuse is not limited to certain people in the Native American community. It has been known for men, women, and children to engage in drinking alcohol with few developing problems soon after. A number of tribes have reported having issues with alcohol as it makes people they know act differently or they tend to be more sensitive to certain situations because of their alcohol use. Unfortunately, their usage leaves this group of people more likely to develop disorders, diseases and other issues that reduce their quality of life. Children have problems with alcohol use even if they are not drinkers. Some are abused, exposed to traumatic situations, hardships and other forms of peril.

Native American children are unfortunate victims of this problem. They have a chance to live a better life and do well for themselves. Yet, their parents may not be fit or able to take care of them or be a good example when engaged in drinking. A large percentage of Native American parents and adults engage in binge drinking. This alone is a problem that may or may not actually be behind the cause of why they drink often. Researchers believe this act may be brought on by things that occur in childhood such as being neglected, experiencing acts of violence or living in poverty.

A large percentage of Native Americans live in poverty but this may not have much to do with the problem. Thousands have died from alcohol abuse but it may not have been their choice to be a drinker. Alcohol has a significant place in Native American history dating back decades ago. It was more of a business venture but elements of it turned sour. Today many tribes are suffering because they have lost so many people to alcohol. The problem has gotten so serious as to a number of tribes and Native Americans have filed lawsuits against beer breweries for damages caused to their culture.

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