Can you hire an academic writer to rewrite your essay?

So, you’ve written an essay but you don’t feel it’s quite up to the standards of your coursework. What can you do? There are a number of different options you can choose from, including having an academic writer rewrite your essay.

Finding an academic essay writer

Perhaps the best way to go about finding an academic writer to handle your essay rewrite is to look up a custom writing essay service. These services are ideal for finding academic writers of all kinds, and while their website may not list extensive editing or rewrites, they can almost certainly quote you an offer to do so.

Why choose rewriting?

One reason to choose rewriting over an essay written from scratch by a professional writer is that your initial rough draft will have a great deal of influence over the final product. This will help to ensure that your expectations are met and your instructor’s requirements are fulfilled, so long as your original essay covers all your bases.

Another good reason to opt for rewriting is that it is generally far cheaper than having a custom essay written from scratch. If you’ve already done the required research, listed sources, come up with a thesis and points to support it, there’s much less for a hired writer to do in order to provide you with a quality essay. As a result, most services charge considerably less for rewrites.

Choosing a Reputable Writer

You’ll want to make the effort to determine whether or not the writer is a reputable one. If you’re hiring an individual, ask for references, how long they’ve been established as a professional writer, and their educational background. If you’re dealing with a company that employs multiple writers, you’ll want to ask the same questions, establishing the reputation of the company itself as well as the qualifications of its writers.

Provide the Writer with the Original Assignment

In addition to providing the writer with the essay that you’ve written, give them the complete requirements for the assignment itself, as well. In making changes and adjustments to your essay, they don’t want to run afoul of your instructor’s requirements.

Ask About Additional Charges

Inquire as to whether or not there are additional charges associated with rewrites. For example, if you request some edits or changes, is there a charge to have them fulfilled?