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How To Write An Essay: Step-By-Step Instructions For Dummies

The thought of doing an essay can make students stressed but there is nothing to be stressed out about if you know what you are doing.  And writing an essay is actually an easy thing to do if you know the steps of writing an effective essay.  These simple steps can be used for every essay that you write.  Just take a deep breath and read these steps and your essay will be great.

Steps Of Writing An Essay

  • What kind of essay are you doing?  Most students don’t take this into consideration when they start to write their essay.  If you pick a topic and then write the wrong kind of essay, you won’t get a good grade.  So make sure you know if it’s a literary, comparative, persuasive, argumentative, expository, or narrative one before you start.

  • Start your research.  Once you know what kind of essay you are writing then you can start your research and choose your topic.

  • Make an outline. Look at your outline as a road map to your essay.  You have to start at one point and end on another.  This will help you put all of your ideas and information in one place.

  • Write a thesis statement.  The thesis statement is the point you want to make or a question that you want to answer.  This has to be well thought out and should be specific and one main idea.  It has to be strong and take a stand or embellish on the topic.

  • Introduction.  The introduction tells the reader about your topic and thesis.  Here you will tell them your main idea, give them your thesis, and discuss some points of your argument.  Remember as with any essay, this is where you get their attention.

  • Body of your essay.  The body of your essay depending on the length is two to three paragraphs that give the reader facts, examples, and statistics on your topic.  This information is there to support you topic and has to be reliable information if you want to convince the reader.

  • Conclusion.  The conclusion does summarize your essay but you don’t want it to sound like your introduction.  The summary should live the reader still thinking about the topic long after they put your essay down.  You also need to reinstate your thesis but don’t write it word for word.  You just told them all the information on the topic, so use that to reinstate it.

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