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Writing An Essay About Why Family Is The Basic Unit Of Society

Writing an essay can be easy, or hard depending on how you look at it. This online resource will give you the tips on what you need to do, even if you are not talented in writing. If you know how to write then you can write great essay on virtually any topic. If you are required to write one about why family is the basic unit of the society, you should do the following if you want to come up with an interesting read.

List down the points to be covered:

While a lot can be said about family as the basic unit of the society, some things may not be relevant. You need to filter out what is of greatest relevance wand what’s not. If you are writing an essay on this topic on matters of governance, then you need to show that governments must support the unit. If it is on sociology matters, then you can for example argue that gay marriages or celibacy should be discouraged. Ensure that you come up with points that will capture the arguments expected of such essay paper.

Take note of required writing style:

Will the essay be written in MLA, APA or other style? Ensure that you take note of the desired writing style and format your paper that way from the front cover to the last page.

Start with broad hook:

This is the essay’s meta-theme. It will introduce what the topic is all about, and what will be discussed in the subsequent chapters. In our example, you can for example say that without families the society would crumble because there will be no procreation, there will be no homes, and in essence there will be no states, no countries, and thereby no governments. This statement creates a link between what is discussed (the family) and the other units of the society which can only exist when family in place.

Be original:

This is where most people get it wrong. When required to write an essay, some students simply go online and when they find relevant content, they just rewrite it and present it as their own. This is wrong! You can get ideas from any source but you need to ensure that you come up with your own arguments and reasoning, or acknowledge their source. Worst of all, never copy and paste or use article spinning software to rewrite content you get online. Plagiarism is considered a serious offense and you will be punished severely if you present another person’s ideas as your own.


Students lose a lot of marks when writing essay because of poor English language. The grammar may be incorrect with typing errors, incorrectly aligned, or with sentences which do not make sense.

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