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How to write an essay in MLA format-strict guidelines you need to follow

It is difficult to understand why some students complain when they have to write an essay in the MLA format. It's not as if it's rocket science. It’s not as if it's some onerous to ask or we need to be a genius to understand what's going on. The MLA format is a series of rules which you follow when creating a thesis or essay.

The MLA format rules or requirements have been around for many years. They are freely available in libraries and online. The website of your college or university will almost certainly have detailed information about what is required with the MLA format.

Here are the fundamentals, the basics, the foundation stones of an essay to be written in the MLA format.

You need to have a margin of 1 inch all around the page. This is very easy to establish. On all word processing software packages there will be a button for page layout and four margins. Setting the margins and leaving them there is a simple task.

Then we come to the typeface you are required to use. One of the most common fonts found as far back as electric typewriters and certainly on all digital computers and tablets today is Times New Roman. And not only must you use this particular font; you must also use it in the size of 12 point. If you are using more modern word processing software, it might be that Times New Roman is not the default font. If so, you need to change this.

Then we come to the gap between the lines which you type. Make this double spacing. This is a requirement of the MLA format but regardless you will find that most teachers prefer students to produce their work with double spacing because it makes it easier for the teacher to write comments on the work.

You must have a header

And many of these things are easy to understand because we read documents and particularly essays in this format at different times in our academic career. The key to your happiness is being able to set these MLA format requirements and leave them there. Every software package is different but it is not hard to find the one which enables you to add a header.

It must always be justified to the far right and should include your first and last names, the name of your teacher, the name of the subject and of the date. The date is usually written as a day, month and year.

Then there is the title of your essay and it should be placed in the middle of the page and centred. It is most important that you do not try to do things with the title. Do not make it bold or underline it or use italics or increase the font size, etc.

Finally there are the rules about using a quotation in your essay and the way you must cite all references. And if this or any of the other requirements seem a little confusing, simply ask your teacher for an explanation or better still, go online and follow the simple explanations.

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