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Professional writing advice: how to write an essay in MLA style

When you write the conclusion you want to make sure you weigh your arguments and determine which point you made was the most relevant to your topic and the strongest. Your conclusion should not limit itself to repeating your previous points and should perhaps add something new. For a research paper you can argue what implications your research or findings have for the future. For a scientific paper you can open the eyes of the reader to what further research could be conducted in your field.

Many students want to know how much they should write. Almost every paper assigned to students has a word count or page limit but it is presented as a range such as “5-7 pages” or “10-12 pages”. So this brings with it the question of whether they should just write enough to put one sentence on the 10th page or just enough to fill the bottom of the 12th page. There is unfortunately no right answer. You have leeway for a reason: no two papers are the same. Your topic and evidence might require ten and a half pages or eleven precisely or just over eleven. It is up to you. Do not aim for the bare minimum because it will show through in your argument. If you write more though you will have more opportunity to get your point across.

If your assignment requires binding then make sure you have it. You can contact a local print shop to get soft binding or hard binding done on your work. Leave yourself some time to print everything perfectly. If you run out of ink in the middle of the project you should have enough time to print it elsewhere (such as a school or public library) or to buy more ink. Do not submit your paper with half of the text in red or worse yet all of it in yellow. Be professional about it. Leave time enough to get everything printed and bound in whatever fashion is required for your project. Do not leave anything up to chance.

Always back up your work while you are writing. Remember that a computer will crash when you least expect it and if you are a student under a deadline it will happen right before you finish the last word and hitting “print”. So be sure to have extra copies readily available in case the worst happens.

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