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General explanatory essay topics can be used in any discipline

Writing an essay is one of those things you have to know how to do no matter what your major or program is. In most universities and colleges, essays are a typical form of assignment in any class. It’s a format that teachers love and has tried and true ways of showing what you’ve learned through a written form. Students that have to write essays, however, aren’t so crazy about them. If you tend to dread written assignments then you’ll need some extra help finishing projects like this. Even for students who like writing or don’t mind it, getting better at writing essays is a good idea.

Apart from tips about writing, many students need help with topic ideas, too. Your topic is really the most important part of an essay. If you don’t love your topic, you won’t be able to write as well about it than if you had a passion for the subject. Keep reading to find out how you can choose a good topic for any class.

Topics for Any Essay Discipline

Here are a few topics you can probably use in any class or program, along with ideas for when to use them. You should still check in with your professor to make sure a particular topic is okay to write about. Use these ideas as a starting point to brainstorm your own. One great way to find some good topics is just browsing the library in no particular section and seeing what titles you come across.

  • Historical topics such as the French Revolution can be used in classes for philosophy, history, economics, politics, and more.

  • Topics about controversial topics such as abortion or euthanasia or gay marriage can be used for classes in philosophy, psychology, finance or anthropology.

  • When you have a class like mathematics, biology or anything science related, you can use topics like breakthrough statistics in any industry: farming, oil, foreign relations, company brands, local non-profits, and more.

  • Think about things you like. If you’re into skateboarding, you can write about skateboard manufacturing, product marketing, exercise, or pop culture. If you like reading, you can write about book publishing, English class curriculums, historical literature, or the digital future of books.

  • Another way to find a universal topic is the front page of newspapers. Crime statistics, new businesses, community groups and local government announcements all make for great topics you can use in any class.

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