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Compare contrast essay topics that will lead you to success

A compare and contrast essay is where you emphasize similarities and/or differences between two items. Writers can arrange the ideas for this type of essay via block arrangement, point-by-point arrangement, or alternating arrangement.

If, for example, you want to show the reader the differences between staying at home and sleeping for your vacation or going to a nearby big city, you could choose the block arrangement wherein you would spend one block (or paragraph) talking about staying at home, then another block talking about visiting the nearby city. If you talk about one point in your first paragraph you have to mention it in the next paragraph in the same order.

Another way to organize your thoughts is the point-by-point style, which is also considered the alternating arrangement. This arrangement would use one paragraph to talk about one difference (or similarity) and the next paragraph to talk about the next difference or similarity. This can continue for however many examples of similarities or differences that you have.

Consider the following examples of compare and contrast essays:

  • American government versus British government
  • Christianity versus Judaism
  • Jazz versus classical music
  • Antebellum Era versus Reconstruction Era
  • Benefits of offense versus defense
  • Online education versus traditional education
  • Hitler versus Napoleon
  • Comedy versus drama
  • Mozart versus Beethoven
  • Greek mythology versus Roman mythology
  • Communism versus capitalism
  • New England Colonies versus Southern Colonies
  • British Empire versus Roman Empire
  • Books versus movies
  • Modern dancing versus ballroom dancing
  • Poetry versus prose
  • Coffee versus energy drinks
  • Antique versus new
  • Private transportation versus public transportation
  • Fiction versus nonfiction
  • Halogen lights versus incandescent lights
  • Newton versus Einstein
  • Going on vacation versus staying at home

When you are writing you can use any of these ideas listed above. You can focus on the differences between the two concepts. You can focus on the similarities between the two concepts. You can compare and contrast to see which offers more benefits for educational purposes or more benefits for money saving. You can instead focus on which of the two options is best suited for adults or children. The possibilities and angles you can take when comparing and contrasting the aforementioned items are endless. Use your imagination and spin it so that it fits within the requirements of your assignment.

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