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How to Recapture the Main Points of Your Essay in the Concluding Paragraph

Before jumping in a swimming pool, we will often dip our toes in, adjusting to the water, before taking the plunge. After finally taking the leap, spending the day splashing around, we reluctantly get out of the pool. Upon exiting, we go through the same motions: grabbing a shower, wringing out our hair and toweling off before being on our ways. Similarly to the pool experience from beginning to end, writing an essay can be thought of as taking the plunge in a pool of information—diving in full force and then wrapping up with the essentials for a conclusion. Some great rules of thumb to follow in order to recapture the main points of an essay in the concluding paragraph include:

  • Bringing the essay full circle
  • Not offering any new information

Create a Full Circle Effect

When writing an essay, it is smart to begin with something memorable. Here are some memorable introductions:

  • Famous quote
  • Remarkable anecdote
  • Shocking statistic

Offering a bit of different information on a topic will get your reader hooked. Throughout the essay it is important to make sure the writing can always be brought back to this main point, the basis for your essay. In your concluding paragraph, a strong way to recapture your main point would be to bring the essay full circle, to the hook created in the introduction. For instance, using the comparison we’ve created, of writing an essay to jumping in a pool, the concluding paragraph would reiterate, “ Jumping in the pool is easy, just like writing an essay. We can dive in, swim around all the possible ideas and get out of the pool…toweling off for the conclusion.” This full circle effect creates cohesion in your writing. Another good way to reiterate your main points in the conclusion is making sure not to introduce any new information.

Do Not Introduce New Information

By focusing on the information you have already provided your readers, throughout the body of your essay, you will conclude the paragraph on a strong note. Offering new information or counter arguments in your conclusion can confuse readers. To stick with our pool metaphor, an example of introducing new information in the conclusion would be like applying a full body of sunscreen before leaving the pool. It would not make any sense. By this point, all the points being made should have been already made, and we should be striving for a strong finish.

Finish Strong

No matter what the subject matter of your essay, it is safe to think of the process like getting out of the pool every time. You will get exit the pool and dry off. You will conclude your essay strongly, bringing everything back to your main idea.

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