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Creating A Winning Title For A College Response Essay

When writing a college response essay, you should remember that the first thing that your readers will feel about the paper is on the topic. This will determine whether your readers go through the rest of the text. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you choose a top notch topic. Here are a few things that you bear in mind when creating a winning title.

Consider your audience

Before you select your title, you will need to consider about your audience. Who are the readers of the response essay and what motivates them o read the paper? Are they reading it as a form of entertainment or do they want to acquire important information in a clear and concise way? What do you want your readers to think about the paper? When you get answers to these questions, you will be able to decide on an appropriate tone for the title.

Consider the content

A good title for a college response essay should reveal the paper’s topic but also ideas on the specific argument, approach as well as discussion area. Ensure that the title is self explanatory, clear and independent. The title should also be relatively long and should have multiple phrases. You should bear in mind that academic writing can be complex and requires titles that are purposeful.

Ensure that your title has a hook. This is something that will draw a reader. It should be made of a catchy element that is creative and advertises the specific subject of the paper. The hook could be in form of a quotation gotten from a certain text or it could be an introduction to a exciting element.


Ensure that the tone of the title matches with the tone of the paper. A good title should not reveal too much information but should only give a hint of what the reader should expect. Avoid using question marks for your title. You can brainstorm ideas and try to play off with the words that link your topic, message or theme. Ensure that you are as specific as you can with your title.

Remember that when it comes to college response essays, the title can make a whole difference. With a catch, smart and relevant title, you essay will come across as one that is worth reading and your work will be worth noting. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you have a winning title.

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