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Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay Fast, Without Much Effort

The five paragraph essay is the most common essay assigned to students. They can be very easy to write and do not have to take much time. This article will cover how to write a five paragraph essay without putting much thought into it. These tips and tricks will speed up the process while allowing you to get a passing grade.

Writing a paper in no time

  • Know your guidelines
  • Throw your thoughts on paper
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Edit

The first thing to remember is to know the guidelines for your assignment. Know the style the paper must be written in, word count, and amount of credible sources needed. This is important for getting the paper done proficiently. Throw all your thoughts about the subject on paper, or write it on your computer. It does not have to be organized; this is just getting everything out. Make sure your information can be cited from credible sources if it is required. If you know your subject well, the information you need will be easy to find.

Once your thoughts are thrown together, organize them into something that flows. This does not mean it is time to edit. You just want to put the information in an organized fashion to start building your paper. It will look sloppy at first, once you organize the information the paper will start to look refined. Match information into three supporting categories for your three supporting paragraphs. Each thought should fall under those three categories. Once the information is sorted, it is time to refine your paper.

You first paragraph will contain your point of view on the subject. It will briefly include the three supporting points. The three sorted categories will require you to add words and sentences to make them flow. It should not be hard to turn the information into paragraphs. It is then time to put your conclusion together. This will summarize what you have just written and add any extra thoughts. The last thing, check for grammar and punctuation errors and make corrections.

It is possible to throw a five-paragraph essay together in no time and with little effort. Always remember to follow the required guidelines. Throw your thoughts on paper and organize them into three supporting categories. These will be the main body of your paper. Finish up with the introduction and conclusion then check your grammar and spelling.

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