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General Rules For Writing A World History Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay is a popular type of academic writing. In this type, a specific question is raised and it is comparatively simple to complete. These types of writings are a very effective method to help students improve their writing skills and also increase their progress in critical thinking.

There are many different ways to write these kinds of articles. The formats can vary according to different styles. But the most important point to be kept in mind is the structure of these writings. Many times, the content of these writings are very good but still they fall victim to the inappropriate structure woes, making them not a good example.

In order to write a perfect compare and contrast writing, it is important to follow the following structure:

  • Introduction: like any other introduction here also it should start with a quotation or anecdote, and then lead to the thesis statement. The introductory part should talk in brief about the general title.

  • All comparison: this can consist of many paragraphs from like 3-4. It should contain all the similarities of the topics of the title. This portion of the writing should contain at least minimum 3 comparisons of the topics and all should be backed up with appropriate examples.

  • All contrasts: this section should include the differences and contrasting points of the topics. This too shall include at least 3-4 paragraphs with suitable examples for each scenario.

  • Conclusion: this is the last part of the entire writing. It should be able to wrap up all the points proved earlier. The introductory thesis should be restated here in a more official manner without providing new information.

One popular segment where compare and contrast writings are famous are world history topics. Students are generally quite comfortable writing this type. While writing a world history compare and contrast essay, students compare and contrast the key issues and themes of the two countries. The cultures and civilisations of the two countries are focussed upon and analysed according to chronological periods.

Generally topics for world history compare and contrast writings include:

  • East and west

  • India and china

  • European and African states in the post classical era

Bu following the above guidelines, you should be able to write a proper and structured compare and contrast writing.

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