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Where Can I Find a Five-Paragraph Essay Outline Template?

Once you have template for the five-paragraph essay outline, you can use it time after time. The trick is finding one that has all the things you will need. Make sure the one you choose allows for the thesis statement, the hook, all of your support, your introduction, your body parts, and your conclusion. There are several places you can go to in order to locate the template. Look for the template online, use a tutor or writing coach, ask your teacher, and ask the campus writing lab attendant.

  • Online
  • Search online for the essay outline template. Make sure the places where you search are valid and reputable locations. Once you find the template you like, save it to your computer or tablet. Play it safe and save two if you can find two. Then you will always choices. A good template can always be modified for different types of essay outlines.

  • Tutor or Writing Coach
  • If you employ a tutor or a writing coach, ask them for the template. As a professional, they will have access to many different types of templates. Go ahead and ask him or her for the different templates that you might need. Be prepared for future writing assignments.

  • Teacher
  • A writing teacher will have templates. Do not hesitate to ask the teacher to share the template. The teacher will certainly comply with your success, since you want to improve your writing and outlines. If you do not have time to ask in class, go to the teacher’s extra help session and ask them then.

  • Campus Writing Lab
  • In today’s world with a focus on writing, most schools have opened writing labs. Many of those are free to all students on campus. Check and see if your school has a writing lab. If your school has a writing lab, then go and ask the attendant for a template for your outline. You can also contact a local college writing lab, and see if they might share a template with you.

A good outline template can be used many times. When in need of such a template, look online, ask your tutor or writing coach, ask your teacher, or visit our campus-writing lab to find one. One of these venues will be able to help you in obtaining a good outline template than you can use often in your writing.

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