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The expert's advice on how to write an easy essay

When writing an essay makes sure that your main focus is not about only getting higher grades. Make sure that while you are writing your essay make sure that it is constructed well enough so that your point can get across. Your essay needs to be able to impersonate you. Your characteristics need to be reflected in that essay.

Keep these points in mind while writing your essay

The prime focus of the writer should be to make a connection between them and the reader. Produce the topic that is easy to understand for the people while they read. Keep the sentence structure precise and clear. No need to use excessive complicated vocabulary that would require the reader to have a dictionary with them while they read.

Construct your paragraphs

All your paragraphs combined form your essay your basic essay requirement is to have

  • An introduction
  • This part of the essay consists of an opening line. You can also write a quotation. Another way could e by starting with a little anecdote. Lure the reader into the reading. It needs to be intriguing.

  • Main body
  • This needs to lead your reader to follow the pieces of evidence that the picked up from the introduction. This would help the reader to anticipate and construct the story the writer has put together. The element of climax is of great importance in this essay. Your essay should have a breaking point. Use your supporting ideas to make sense out of the climax.

  • The conclusion
  • This is a wrap up of your entire essay. Here you can be confident about your story. Drop a little extra piece of information here. Make the reader see more than you showed on your essay

Make sure to not write these as heading in your essay. The basic essay is piece of uninterrupted paragraphed text. Your words need to be put in such a manner that the reader can identify themselves which paragraph is representing what

Do not forget to…

Do not leave your essay for the last minute. Make sure to have a mental note of what you want to write and how you want the readers to experience the words you have put on a piece of paper. Make sure that through your essay your voice can be heard. Think about your topic, how you can make the essay more interesting.