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How To Pick Up Good Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

High school essay writing tests students writing abilities in different ways. One way includes the element of persuasion with persuasion essays. This means you need a good topic you can write about while getting others to look at things from a different perspective. Your topic selection and how you write your essay works to convince readers why your viewpoint is best. This is an important element to keep in mind when selecting your topic.

Choose Topic Ideas Relevant to High School Subject Matter

There is a vast amount of potential ideas that would make a good persuasive essay. In some cases it helps to think about ideas that have two viewpoints. Think about topics that people would agree or disagree with. Then, consider how you could convince someone to see things from another perspective. Some topic ideas high school students may be interested in include:

  1. High school students should have no homework assignments.
  2. Students should be forced to wear uniforms.
  3. Should students be required to take college prep courses?
  4. Should student be able to apply for academic scholarships while in high school?
  5. Do you agree with punishment given to a student that brings a weapon to school?

Think about Topics You Know Well You Are Willing to Research

Your topic should be something you know well or you are willing to learn more about from a new perspective. Think about things you feel knowledgeable about and think about interests of other students. Your ideas may relate to how you live as a high school student or what changes you think should be made to make the school day better. Here are a few examples to consider:

  1. Should students be able to set their own rates if they babysit afterschool?
  2. Should high schools offer courses related to childcare?
  3. Should students be able to work part-time jobs after school?
  4. Poor grades can be eliminated with no homework.
  5. All students should be required to attend high school prom.

Knowing Which Topics Have Good Elements of Persuasion

As you come up with potential ideas review which ones will give good elements of persuasion? What discussion points can you come up with that will convince readers? Remember your discussion points should help prove your thesis in why people should see things your way.

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