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How to Write Your College Essay Like a Professional

Like it or not, when you get to college you will have more essays to write than you ever did in high school. Not only will the number of essays increase, the standard of writing increases also. All of those small writing errors your high school teacher let you get away with will not fly in college. Professors will expect that you know how to formulate your ideas, create an easy-flowing essay, and use proper citations. These things can be new and overwhelming to some students. No need to worry, there are some things you can do to write like a professional.

Options and Resources

Finding out how to learn proper citations or trying to formulate a thesis can be time consuming and frustrating for some students. Others may have a problem with brainstorming while others will down right panic when they have an essay to write. Here are different options on where to find essay writing assistance:

  • Utilize the writing center- Every college has a writing center. This is where you go if you have any problems along the way while writing your essays. They can help with pretty much anything ranging from brainstorming to proofreading to citations.

  • Essay writing sites- There are websites where you can hire a professional writer to help you with your essay. These sites also provide proofreading, editing, and other writing services.

  • Online citation generators- Trying to figure out how to do a proper citation for your bibliography page can give you a major headache. Well, there are free sites out there that will actually do the citation for you. You pick which style you need, input the relevant information, and your citation will be generated. It covers virtually every type of resource you can think of including books, news articles, and all electronic sources.

  • Learn how to brainstorm- Get your ideas down on paper and walk away. Your brain needs time to think and process ideas. In order to brainstorm you need to give yourself adequate time; this is not something that can be done effectively overnight.

  • Get organized- If your thought process is not organized, it will definitely show in your essay. This is why brainstorming is such an important step. Once you get all of your thoughts down, you can organize them how you want them to go in your essay. Then you can use that guide to know exactly what to research. It saves so much time to be organized.

These helpful tips will be sure to give your essay the professional edge necessary to impress your professors.

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