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Should Christmas Presents Be Banned?

There are few holidays that get as much attention as Christmas. All over the world there are huge decorations and the mood is festive for weeks in advance. In the United States of America, Thanksgiving is often eclipsed by mistletoe and holly before it gets to be celebrated fully. A very big part of this tradition is the exchange of gifts. As popular as this aspect of the season is, it can seem almost sacrilegious to question its necessity yet this essay will go one step further. Should Christmas presents be banned?

Yes they should

The original purpose of this holiday was to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of the Christian faith. This is the main reason for many of the decorations containing babies, farm animals and people dressed in clothing from a different time period. The purpose here is to represent the ultimate gift from God to all of humanity to save them from their sins. This should be the most important part of the season yet most children act as if they are far more concerned with what they can get than celebrating this event. In cases where the holiday is celebrated by non Christians this is fairly understandable yet when people who claim to believe the story act materialistically at a time of year when they should be especially pious, this is cause for concern. Parents trip over each other rushing to get the last toy n the shelf. Children throw tantrums for presents they did not earn. Perhaps more would be learned if the gifts were excluded.

No they should not

The shopping aspect of late December can be difficult to excuse but there is much more to gift giving than materialism and greed. For many people, this is a chance to reach out to those that they love and express that in a way that they may not have words for. Parents reach out to children, husbands to wives and vice versa. Through this exchange they reaffirm what they mean to each other. Ideally, this could be done all year round but if this holiday is the one that brings people together the most, a little shopping madness is a small price to pay.

There may be much to be desired about the way that people approach gift giving. Despite this, so much good comes from it that it should not be considered unnecessary.

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