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The Rosetta Spacecraft And Its Mission

The Rosetta Project is a joint venture between NASA and ESA (the European version of NASA) to find, study, and review the Comet named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The purpose of the study of the Comet 67P, for short, is to determine how human beings were created on earth and how the solar system was created. The Rosetta spacecraft is named after the Ancient Egyptian astronomical instrument, the Rosetta Stone. The purpose of the Rosetta Stone was to decipher and figure out Egyptian hieroglyphs. Also, the Rosetta Stone would determine the true meaning of the hieroglyphs. The Rosetta spacecraft will try to do the same thing regarding the 67P Comet by determining what role comets have played in the creation of the solar system and human life on earth.

The Rosetta Spacecraft is a robotic aircraft that is unmanned and it is being operated by human beings in a control system room. The Rosetta landed on the Comet 67P sometime in the fall of 2014. The Spacecraft has been collecting species and data to determine how the seasons change on the comet. Also, the Rosetta has been sending back beautiful pictures of the comet to earth. The Rosetta Spacecraft will determine if the Comet 67P will make contact with earth, and if so, when will it occur. This project has been in progress for approximately ten years because the Rosetta Spacecraft was launched into space in 2004 and landed on its target in the fall of 2014. The estimated time for the space mission to end is approximately December 2015. NASA and ESA hope to gather enough information to determine what role comets played in the creation of the solar system and human life on earth.

The important goals that NASA and ESA wish to accomplish with this combined science mission is to determine what role comets play in the solar system. Collect species from the nucleus area of the Comet 67P and get pictures of the Comet for further observation. The space mission should also provide information on the physical properties of the Comet and how these properties expand comet. Also, the scientists would like to determine and know how the comet grows from the center of the nucleus and is able to make different layers as it grows. The Rosetta Spacecraft mission will be able to provide information on how comets helped to create the solar system and the role they played in the creation of human life on earth.

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