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Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System denotes to a procedure through which a person accused of crime is arrested and taken thorough instigations to find out the truth of the accusation. Thereafter charges are laid against the accused and trials conducted before the ruling is given out. If the accused is found guilty, Sentence is rendered and if the person accused is found innocent, he or she is acquitted.

Crime is violation of law under laws of the nation which is punishable. A crime can be termed to as either minor offense such as trespassing or major offense such terrorism or murder. The terms crime, criminal and offense are used interchangeably in Criminal Justice System.

The Procedure of Criminal Justice System

Generally, criminal offenses are investigated through finding out the truth of the accusation that can proof the accused individual guilty. Systematically thorough investigations are conducted, involving every minute evidences, analyzing and inspecting the plaintive claims before prosecuting the individual involved in the violation of the law. The evidence gathered determines the charges to be laid against the defendant, and a defense is made to compete against the prosecution of the crime.

The judicial examining involves trials between the parties, whether on law issues or facts brought in court before a judge or jury. The judge scrutinizes the evidences provided in the case proceedings so as to determine guilt. For purpose of determining the ruling to the case, the judge considers the laws of the nation, the evidences presented and the laws involved in such criminal offense.

If the defendant if proofed guilty, other facts like the crime nature, the criminal history of the defendant, regrets shown by the defendant during hearing of the case, social-economic status of the defendant and personal state such health as well as the prosecutor’s proposal and the defense are considered before giving out ruling. Criminal offense punishment imposition can be probation, imprisonment, suspended sentence or community service. The defendant or the plaintive can appeal against the trial or the ruling or both.

Criminal Justice System Defects

The police alleged crimes are the primary entry point for a case into criminal justice system. The innocent bias determined in line with criminal law propagated activities of jurisdiction is the major defect to the system. However, there are other disparities involved in the criminal justice system like racism which should be dealt with permanent to ensure jurisdiction in the system. The concept of prejudice is mostly interpreted by either side to appease their argument in criminal law. Therefore, to ensure jurisdiction in the criminal justice system, the compensation for innocent bias need to be inverted.

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