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Writing a Persuasive Essay on Abortion: Searching for Material

Writing a persuasive essay requires you to choose a topic that provides a clear point of debate. You are asked to argue your position and effectively persuade your reader to agree and take up your opinion. When you write a persuasive essay on such a controversial topic as abortion you will find that there is plenty of material available to research and cite in your paper. Here’s how to do it:

Narrow your topic.

Persuasive essays are made much easier when they are focused and deal with a specific sub-topic of a topic. The same is true when writing on abortion. The topic is too broad to cover in any one essay, hence the reason you will find thousands of sources on it. You should narrow your focus to something specific, like “abortion and medicine” or “abortion and economics”. Both these topics could be narrowed even further to give your paper a more interesting and unique feel.

Search for reputable content.

Since there is a lot of content out there both online and in print, it’s important that you select only the most reputable pieces to support your thesis. Evidence from unbiased sources will give your persuasive essay more credibility, but even other “opinionated” sources can work if the evidence you cite is generally accepted as fact. Under no circumstances should you ever cite opinion pieces or personal blogs as evidence. You will find a lot of these when you search for material on abortion. Using information you find on these sites, however, will minimize the effectiveness of your persuasive essay.

Find good opposing arguments.

When writing a persuasive essay, you should recognize that there are arguments that sit squarely in disagreement with your own. It’s important that consider using strong arguments against your point of view and provide well-thought, well-written rebuttals. Your counter-argument will have more weight if you select opposing evidence that shows the complexity of the issue but still allows room for your argument to come through. The more credible and evidence-based your opposition is, the stronger your paper will be.

When you write a good persuasive essay, you may sometimes find that your opinion changes slightly. This happens all the time and is quite natural among most writers. If this happens, modify your thesis to accommodate your change in opinion. Your persuasive essay will be made stronger if you are passionate about all of the content you provide.

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