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Prevention Of Adolescent Obesity

The problem of adolescent obesity begins at birth. Many children are born as overweight. This may not be a problem at birth, and many children will not suffer from overweight related diseases. However, if something is not done in time to control the weight of this kid, he will reach adolescent being obese. Lifestyle is the other reason there are many adolescent obese kids today. Children are being exposed to very posh lifestyles. This greatly affects their diet and leads to obesity. In America today, about fifteen children face a risk of growing obese, while another fifteen percent are already obese. The largely used school obesity control program has failed in curbing the spread of obesity in the United States.

Major causes of Adolescent Obesity

Poor parenting is the main cause of adolescent obesity. Most of the parents have taken part time jobs so as to meet the house bills. They have less time with children. The children are therefore subjected to processed foods for meals. This creates the culture of fast foods in America. Children do not have access to good quality food. They prefer fast foods. Most of these foods are not balanced and lead to overweight and obesity. The other major cause of adolescent obesity is that youths are no longer encouraged to do exercises. They spend all their free time on TV shows and video games. This leads to poor health and obesity. Programs that encourage the youth to get actively involved in sports are no longer functional.

How to Prevent Obesity

The first should target the parents. Pregnant mothers should be advised to watch their diet. We have seen that most of the children in America are born overweight and then grow into being obese. Pregnant mothers should regularly exercise. This will improve their health and that of the baby. After birth, the baby should be taken care off in a better way. Parents should not subject their children to processed foods at a very early age. When kids are of age, they should be encouraged to take on exercising so as to keep their body in shape. Parents should consider going to the gym with their kids so as to instill that culture while it is still early. Games and exercises should not be compromised in the school program. The other important thing is that parents need to be keen on the diet. Always encourage the youths to maintain and observe good eating habits.

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