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Looking For A Good Example Of A One-Page Essay Outline

A one page essay necessarily breaks down into 5 crisply shaped paragraphs; say, 5 lines each. The outline is easy to derive, as you do not have too many options with a one-page essay. Still, to create an emphatic statement, you should go with a pristine flow.

Terrorist propaganda

Say, you are writing a one-page essay on ‘The rise of terrorism’; your first paragraph will be a direct mention of the threat that it builds up and the impact that it has on the gentry; that of submissiveness. The introductory paragraphs should also mention the types of terrorist propaganda.

Attention to details

The second paragraph may elucidate how the terrorists pack up a solid team and slowly weave their web around a zone, checking every detail with pin-point accuracy. They may plan to rob a bank or bombard a mall; they will be absolutely clear about the topography; timings and system of operation of the places under their radar.

Crisp methodology

The third paragraph would be the exact description of their actual mode of operation. How they back one terrorist with another and have a Plan C active. How they do not faze away from trying suicide bombers, for sensational effect. The third paragraph of the essay would be succinct but still bring out the operative details in all its finery.

Additional weapons

The fourth paragraph would be the additional weapons that they hold. The fact that they breed terrorists even in the homes we live. They also have biological weapons at their disposal as also the art of kidnapping stars for ransom and leaving a city to the vultures. Terrorism is on the rise because it works on an acute plan. Thus, the curbing authorities have to think one step ahead. That should be your plan for the fifth paragraph of the essay.

Thwarting terrorism

It is the fifth paragraph which ought to bring the curtains down on terrorism in a sustained and systematic manner. You ought to present definitive methods to thwart terrorism and also to create a system where the terrorists do not get any leeway, any entrance. You should also place ways to embolden the gentry so that they may fight for their rights. The conclusion may be small in size but should be full of substance and solution.

This then would be the entire outline of a one page essay. There should be a sense of thrill, action and dynamism throughout the page and still, the structure should not be meddled with in any way.

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