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Sexism In American Literature In The 19th Century

In literature, there were changes that were notable. Male authors had been the most famous in literature. Female authors who were popularly known before the 19th century were few. The changes were notable at the end of the 18th century, the begging of the 19th century and since then. The number of the female authors and writers in the market were increased. The changes included some of the female authors getting rewards as they were ranked to be better writers than the men. This was a change that was positive, and the impact is seen in the societies even today. These changes in sexism in the literature were however only notable in the western states. These were developed nations in which the rights and freedom of the women were first realized. The trend is however since then realized in most other parts including the developing world. Literature in the 19th century depicted a different picture of what the women were first viewed to be. The expectations of the women in the societies, especially in the western states, changed.

Reasons for More Women Contribution in Literature in the 19th Century

The 19th century was a period that showed an increased number of female writers and authors. Different reasons are attributed to these changes. The realization of the women as having the same equal opportunities as the men ion the societies was a motivation. Before the women increased in literature contribution, the men were the most dominant making all or most of the contributions. Rights realization was thus key and influential. Higher education by women was also another reason. Women went to colleges and universities in larger numbers. Most got educated and were thus literate. Their contribution to literature then followed as they had the confidence that they were capable of bringing and making an impact in literature. Consciousness on the need to be vigilant in the societies and make equal contributions as the men did was also a consideration. The pressure in the societies could be a reason too. The society expected more from the female fellows who were more educated. In the situation, some of the women joined the field of literature in which the impact was felt.

Issues Women Addressed in Literature

Most wrote mainly on children and rights they had. This was a way of showing sentiments and feelings they had about any society that would allow children to be mistreated. With time, most started dwelling on fiction.

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