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A unique guide on how to write a good summary essay

Summaries are the type of academic papers that will take you the longest time to finish. Writing a summary will consist of a few steps and each of them will demand your full attention. Make sure you start preparing for you summary paper beforehand – you will need at lease a few days or, most likely, weeks to just read a book, let alone put the whole book on 2-3 pages of your end paper. Take a look at the steps you will need to take and calculate the time you need accordingly.

  • Step 1. Preparations to the writing.

  • This is the longest and, probably, the most important step of your summary writing. At this step you will take a look at the book and decide which angle you shall take in your writing.

    • Look through the book. Do not try to remember all at once or take notes on this stage. For now you just need to understand the general idea and meaning of the book. If you do not have enough time, this part can be skipped.

    • Read the book thoroughly. If you complete the first step, it will be much easier for you to remember as many details as there are. Make notes. Note examples you will use in the summary. Underline some important quotes.

    • Create an outline. It will determine the flow of your paper and will define the aspect of the book you will pay attention too. Make sure your outline corresponds with your topic.

  • Step 2. Writing.

  • If the previous step is ssed fully and throroughly, you shall not have any problems with writing the paper. You will always find what to talk about, even if you have a set topic, or which example to use.

    • Identify the work. State the author, name, publisher, year and other important information.

    • Summarize the work. Make sure you do not let out any important things.

    • Write a powerful conclusion that shall connect the summary to your topic.

  • Step 3. Revising.

  • This is as well a very important step that cannot be let out under any circumstances. It will give you a chance to identify the mistakes you may have made and correct them yourself. Be sure not to miss these points:

    • Compare your paper to your outline and topic.

    • Look through your notes and check the information you included in the paper.

    • Check the quotes citation.