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How to write a good college essay and save your timeĀ 

When you are trying to write a good college essay and save time, you should follow these tips to make sure your paper is concise:

  • Start with an outline that adheres to your project requirements.
  • Make an introduction that grabs the attention of the reader using a hook and informs them, without any obscurity, what your thesis is.
  • Try and make your argument using different writing techniques such as comparisons, hypotheticals, or analogies.
  • Assume the audience does not have thorough knowledge of your issue and be sure to define all terms used in your paper and provide any background information your audience may need.
  • Make sure the body of your paper has strong supporting evidence for every point you make.
  • Summarize your evidence in the conclusion and leave the reader with a provoking question, dramatic plea, prediction requiring action, or recommendation.

One other great way to save time while writing a college essay is to revise your paper. This is an important part of the writing process which often goes overlooked by students, yet it should not. This is the phase where students review their work, make any modifications, and reorganize any unclear thoughts. As you are revising your paper consider these thoughts:

  • Does your paper present a strong position which is supported by facts?
  • Does your essay have a hook in the introduction?
  • Do your paragraphs have compelling evidence for each point you present?
  • Did you present the opposing view (if applicable) and refute it?
  • Do you vary your sentence structure?
  • Did you make concise word choices?
  • Do you have clear transitions in between paragraphs?
  • Does your conclusion convey your position and urge action or thought?

If your paper still does not quite fit the bill then try and re-work your thesis. Make sure it presents the strongest argument. One way to test this is to compare the opposing view to yours and see if the thesis is just as strong.

Editing is the next step. Here is where you review the grammar and the mechanics of your writing and try to rectify any errors you find. It is often helpful to have a friend look over your paper, as they can provide a fresher perspective.

Once you have done all of this you will be ready to share your paper with your class and learn from the feedback your peers provide.

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