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How to write a persuasive essay introduction and convince the readers at once

Writing a persuasive essay involves following several formulaic steps while creating something interesting for the readers. The introduction is the first step of the formula, which makes it a vital part of any successful essay. It is important that the introduction not only introduce the topic, but draws the reader into the body of the essay. With enough information, the reader will have a good idea about the rest of the essay. If you give too much information away, the reader will not need to continue. If you can provide a perfect preview, you will not only keep the reader interested, but also convenience the reader.

If you consider yourself a reader, you know that there are so many things to read and not enough time to read them all. This is where a high quality introduction can really help a reader. If the writer includes enough information to help your reader decide if your essay is worth spending time with or not. Here are the steps:

  • Craft a clever hook. There are plenty of different techniques, including writing an anecdote, asking rhetorical questions, giving a facts, or beginning with a quote from an expert or famous person. The hook can be several sentences or one simple, but well-written sentence.

  • Write a thorough bridge. The bridge is the section between the hook and the thesis. This section will explain the hook and how it connects to the thesis. The bridge is the place where the writer can convenience the reader by providing just the right amount of information to allow the reader to determine whether or not the rest of the essay is worth reading. Your writing style can also keep the reader intrigued.

  • Write a clear thesis. The thesis is the one spot where you provide the topic sentence for the entire essay. This sentence need to be perfectly crafted so the reader knows exactly what you are going to prove in your persuasive essay.

  • Provide voice. If your essay sounds boring, it probably is. This is where voice can make a big difference because voice adds personality to your writing. It does not mean that you write grammatically incorrect sentences or that you write in an inappropriate voice, but you should try to include your personality in subtle ways.

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